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Chicago Stacked Improv

Event: Chicago Stacked Improv Date: July 9 Doors at 7pm, starts 8 pm Venue: Jacksonville Comedy Club Tickets: $10 + tax Contact: 646-HAPPY (4277) I’ll go ahead and get my bias out of the way upfront: I have never been a big fan of improvisation style comedy. While some comedy critics swear by it, shows like , where comedians are given random words and props and then come up with corresponding off-the-cuff bits to go along with them, have just never appealed to me and oftentimes even come off as a little embarrassing. Of course, this is not the first …

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Stand-up Comedians

Eternal return, adopted by the likes of , is a concept that the universe has been recurring, and will continue to recur, in a self-similar form an infinite number of times across infinite time or space—and  has been doing that pretty much every moment on some TV station in America and throughout the world since the legendary ABC series was cancelled in the mid-nineties. Because of this, just about everyone knows comedian  as the lovable Uncle Joey Gladstone from the ubiquitous sitcom. Most people are also aware that his ex-girlfriend  1995, scorned-woman anthem ‘You Oughta Know’ was written about him. …

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On Stage – where actors play

We here at EU have the solemn (and often fun) duty of getting our readers out of the house and out into the world. This spring there are lots of great venues helping us in our duty. Because whether you like grooving to retro tunes, rocking out, taking in a musical or simply laughing at life, there’s a show on this list that will get you out of the house. Some venues, such as the community theatres, take advantage of our great pool of talented locals. Others bring in acts from around the country and the globe that we would …

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