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Hot Nite at Jack Rabbits: Vinyl Theatre

It may be possible to estimate a band’s true popularity entirely on how many fans willingly cram into tight, un-air-conditioned spaces this time of year. Any local concert-goer is familiar with the perils of attending a standing-only show in July, especially at a venue as compact as . A few vents pumped a derisory amount of warm air into the hall as girls clutched their hair off their necks. Performers onstage literally rained sweat onto their instruments and the audience, who willingly thrust their phones into the deluge to capture every moment for the Internet. A young crowd assembled to …

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Vinyl Theatre coming to Jack Rabbits July 10th

WHO: Vinyl Theatre WHEN: Friday, July 10 – 8 pm WHERE: JACK RABBITS COST: $10 in advance The members of Vinyl Theatre know firsthand that music has the power to bring people together because it happened to them. Music is how they met, it’s what they bonded over, and it’s what has transformed their lives. Since officially forming in 2012, the Milwaukee based quartet has gone from being college students who revered bands like The Killers, Two Door Cinema Club, The Shins, and Death Cab For Cutie to coming into their own as artists themselves, building an impressive following for …

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