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Let The “CHIPS” Fall Where They May!

Release Date: March 24, 2017 Running Time: 1 hour and 40 minutes Rated R for language & sexual content Grade: C+ Written & Directed By: Dax Shepard We’re the California Highway Patrol. This job is crucial. Without us out there someone could get hurt. Jon Baker is an ex-pro motor-biker who barely passed the California Highway Patrol (CHP) tests in a last ditch effort to save his marriage. The only reason that he passed is because of his motorcycle skills and his blunt honesty with Sgt. Hernandez. After being estranged from his wife for a year, Jon thinks that she will …

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I seek righteousness as we all should, but I’ll take revenge. In 1879, the citizens of Rose Creek are terrorized by industrialist, Bartholomew Bogue, who destroys their church after demanding that they sell their land for $20 a parcel. Bogue is determined to gain rights to the gold mines that lay near the town. When Bogue imposes his will on the town by gunning down innocent folks, a newly widowed Emma Cullen seeks help from a bounty hunter named Chisolm. Driven by demons of his past, Chisholm agrees to protect the townsfolk so he has heads out to recruit a …

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Don’t Be Dino Dinner – JURASSIC WORLD

Jurassic World Release Date: 6/12/15 Running Time: 2 hours, 10 minutes Rating: PG-13 Grade: A- The crack of an egg begins our journey, beckoning us beneath the iconic arches and into a place where science, blind ambition, and voracious consumer (and dinosaur) appetites collide to create something outrageous. Welcome to , directed by . Serving as a perfect parallel to the “bigger, scarier, cooler, toothier” creatures that inhabit it, this place is far from the lovably dated park run by a ‘90s UNIX system that we once knew. Jurassic World is portrayed as the love child of and on steroids, …

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