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It Takes a Few Bricks: Bringing the USS Adams to Jacksonville

Anchored along the St. John’s River, the USS Charles F. Adams (DDG-2) is the first naval warship transformed into a floating, state-of-the-art, interactive museum. The USS Adams Museum will complement the Liberty Hound sailor monument on the Southbank and the Veterans Memorial Arena and Veterans Memorial Wall at the stadium complex. The Charlie Deuce represents an entire class of advanced warships that served the U.S. Navy for more than 30 years during the Cold War. This national historic site will help boost tourism in the region and further stimulate the economic development of Downtown Jacksonville. Established by the , the …

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USS Adams Project Could Moor Downtown

Anchors Aweigh  Back In 2007, a campaign was launched to return the to Jacksonville and convert her into an interactive science and history museum. The Adams is a guided missile destroyer commissioned during the height of the , her maiden voyage being the naval blockade of during the in 1962. Following her success in that short-lived campaign, the Adams would go on to participate in over thirty years of military operations. Throughout these troubled times, she protected countless U.S. and NATO service men and women around the world. Decommissioned in 1990, having achieved her purpose in helping the U.S. win …

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How does a giant, 150,000-square-foot, world-class aquarium on the Northbank waterfront, formerly known as The Shipyards, in Downtown sound?  has partnered with the Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens, and they want you to come by and visit them at -–don’t miss this One Spark Creator project-–it could change Jacksonville for good! First, go to www.aquajax.net and dream along with these visionaries. AquaJax is an advocacy group with ideas to enhance the prosperity, growth, and revenues of Jacksonvillians. This is their first project, and they are dogged to make it happen. They envision docking space for a river taxi, air boats, replicas …

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