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A Bright Symphony of Colors: Joseph A. Strasser Butterfly Festival at Tree Hill Nature Center in Arlington

If there was ever a perfect symbol for spring, it’s a butterfly emerging from its winter slumber in a bright symphony of colors. At , the butterfly is more than just a symbol. It’s the centerpiece of the annual held April 27 at the nature preserve on Lone Star Road in . The community event offers a chance to connect with nature in a pristine setting where guests can stroll the wooded paths, enjoy homemade crafts, family-friendly activities and live music culminating in the release of hundreds of live butterflies. The butterfly release is held at 3pm, weather permitting. It’s …

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Reflections! Tree Hill Shines on the New Year

Tree Hill Nature Center has much to be thankful for when looking back over 2016. Here are just a few of the highlights from this past year: The continued and generous support of JM Family Enterprises allowed for the construction of the ‘Hen Hotel.’ This spacious and well ventilated two-story structure is home to happy hens laying an egg a day. The school children and visitors enjoy identifying the various breeds and watching the chickens take dust baths and scratch around the gardens for bugs. A new mural was completed by a local artist in the upstairs area, showcasing the …

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Autumn Active!

Fall is finally starting to arrive in north Florida! The morning air is chilly. The humidity is gone, and we can open our windows to enjoy cool breezes. At Tree Hill Nature Center, our staff and volunteers welcome the change in weather as do our animals. It’s hard to imagine, but even the goats are more active! educators have the option of tweaking their programs to mention the autumn changes. As fall settles in we begin to turn our attention to planning the annual , which is our sole fundraiser. Autumn in Florida takes longer to arrive than it does …

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Tree Hill Nature Center, Old Arlington, Jacksonville, FL, photo by Fran Ruchalski

Teaching Nature – Tree Hill hosts over 10,000 students annually

Nearly every weekday during the school year brings a field trip to . As a Duval County School District partner, Tree Hill’s educators provide 3rd grade students with an unforgettable experience. Students arrive in the morning, many with no idea that Tree Hill existed or what is in store for them during their trip. They settle into the amphitheater where they are treated to the Animal Encounter program. Preserving native species and their habits is an essential part of the work done at Tree Hill, and the Animal Encounter is no exception. Most mornings, students are introduced to three native …

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It Takes Wings To Soar

Tree Hill Nature Center has been offering Jacksonville the quintessential spring celebration with the Joseph A. Strasser Butterfly Festival since 2002. This year the festival will take place on Saturday, April 30th from 10am-4pm, allowing visitors plenty of time to shop, walk the trails, and see all of the exhibits as well as have lunch and a sweet treat. Tree Hill uses all of the funds from the event to implement their educational programs and to care for their animals. Tree Hill works with Duval County’s public, charter, and private schools as well as schools from neighboring counties to teach …

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