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Joseph A. Strasser

Documentary Honoring a Generous Supporter: The Legacy of Joseph A. Strasser

For , life is a numbers game. The successful financier and philanthropist budgeted many years of his life to building a career in finance and public administration. He’s now the subject of a 13-minute documentary that details and preserves the legacy of an unusual life well-lived. Directed by Ana Paula Habib and Isaac Brown, “The Legacy of Joseph A. Strasser” recounts his story, beginning with his escape from the Holocaust and immigration to the United States as a small child. The film will be screened October 24 at the . The event will honor his life, surviving the hardship of …

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A Bright Symphony of Colors: Joseph A. Strasser Butterfly Festival at Tree Hill Nature Center in Arlington

If there was ever a perfect symbol for spring, it’s a butterfly emerging from its winter slumber in a bright symphony of colors. At , the butterfly is more than just a symbol. It’s the centerpiece of the annual held April 27 at the nature preserve on Lone Star Road in . The community event offers a chance to connect with nature in a pristine setting where guests can stroll the wooded paths, enjoy homemade crafts, family-friendly activities and live music culminating in the release of hundreds of live butterflies. The butterfly release is held at 3pm, weather permitting. It’s …

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Snakes Are Welcome at Tree Hill

Tree Hill Nature Center uses its limited budget, dedicated volunteers, and committed staff to oversee the care of 50 acres in the middle of Arlington. Youth educational programs are critical to the mission of , but the hallmark work being done is protecting those acres to serve as contiguous and robust habitat for native plants and animals. This means hours of removing non-native species, working through extreme summer heat and being prepared throughout hurricane season; this hidden gem is worth the sweat and muscle ache. The staff at Tree Hill appreciates kind words, positive reviews, and satisfied feedback from teachers …

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Eyes Wide Open: Discovering Nature in Jacksonville’s Backyard

Remember being nine? Third grade was a magical time of discovery, before the rigors of fractions in the fourth grade, when butterfly wings wore straight pins and quartz crystals shaped many girl’s wedding imagination. It’s a building time that should be in every child’s educational experience. You can still lasso rainbows when your eyes are wide open. The has welcomed third grade students from Duval County schools for field trips for many years. These students get a hands-on experience of the work they do in the classroom. They get to investigate and see, first hand, concepts such as the difference …

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Butterfly Fest, Tree Hill

Tree Hill: What A Great Place To Learn!

The vision of Tree Hill Nature Center is to, “promote environmental stewardship through hands-on educational programs and low-cost access to natural spaces.” Let’s unpack these ideas a bit, and explore the kind of education that helps to promote environmental stewardship. Environmental stewardship is about using and protecting natural resources through conservation and sustainability. This is predicated on the age old tenet of protecting resources to ensure they are available for future generations. As our understanding of environmental science, ecology, and the connectedness of Earth’s systems have broadened, natural resources are, increasingly, appreciated for their intrinsic value. Together these ideas inform …

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When Color Takes Flight: Why We Honor the Marvelous Monarch

The 2017 at is always an amazing event with so many people from all ages, stages, and walks of life represented. For the last 16 years Tree Hill has truly enjoyed being able to put this Festival on for the Jacksonville community. And, for the last 16 years it has been a butterfly festival. Why the focus on butterflies? For this month’s article, Tree Hill wanted to highlight some of the amazing features of butterflies and why we dedicate an entire festival to them. Butterflies go through metamorphosis, the Greek word for transform or change, beginning as an egg and …

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Celebrating 16 years of the Joseph A. Strasser Butterfly Festival!

On Saturday, April 29th from 10am to 4pm, will hold , and everyone is invited! Here are some of the details you need to know about the event: Why should I attend? This isn’t an easy one to answer, since there are so many great reasons to come to the Festival! Each year, Tree Hill welcomes local vendors who are selling lots of goodies, ranging from local honey and goat milk soap to jewelry and fairy wands! Local groups come out to spread the word on their work, ranging from solar energy and backyard chicken keeping to outdoor adventurers. Every …

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Gopher-It!: Gopher Tortoise Hatchlings at Tree Hill

has exciting news: we found gopher tortoise hatchlings on site! The gopher tortoise is a vital part of north Florida’s unique ecosystem. Finding the gopher tortoise hatchlings is an encouraging discovery, as the number of gopher tortoises living in the wild is limited and the species continues to face serious threats from habitat destruction. The is a land turtle that lives exclusively in the Southeastern part of the United States, from Florida to the very southern tip of South Carolina and west into the southern portions of Georgia, Alabama, and Louisiana. As a result of their limited range and limited …

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Fall For Planting

The time has come to get our fall gardens in the ground! has a number of gardens, such as the JEA Water Efficiency Butterfly Garden and the gardens surrounding the main building. Since 2010, Tree Hill has also been the home of the Arlington Community Garden. With 37 beds, the Garden is a partnership between Tree Hill and the Unitarian Universalist Church of Jacksonville. All of the food grown in the garden is donated to the food pantry at Arlington Community Services. Without the Garden, the food pantry would only be able to give their families non-perishable items. Since the …

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Summer Sizzles!

The hot days of summer are almost upon us. Beach days, evenings spent catching fire flies and afternoons under the shade of a tree enjoying an ice cream are summer favorites.  Unfortunately, enjoying the natural wonders that Florida has to offer us comes with a price – bug bites and sunburns can make an outdoor adventure a lot less fun! At we spend a lot of time outdoors through the summer, caring for our animals and tending the gardens. We’d like to share with you a few of our favorite ways to stay cool and comfortable this summer. Cooling towels …

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