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Dishes of Fishes 🐟 Tasty Seafood Restaurants Around Jacksonville & The Beaches of Northeast Florida, Taverna, salmon, photo by Nate Mayo

Dishes of Fishes 🐟 Tasty Seafood From Restaurants in Jacksonville & The Beaches of Northeast Florida

Local Seafood Dishes Northeast Florida has a strong Southern food game, but we also shine when it comes to dishes from the water, sometimes from unexpected places. While places such as , , and others that specialize in seafood are local favorites, there are a number of from-the-water dishes that residents love, even in places that don’t have seafood front and center. At on the , there’s three dishes we recommend, depending on what you’re craving. For a lunch item we think their fish sandwich is a winner. It’s served in their bento box with their shoestring fries, which are …

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Timotis Seafood Shak, Jacksonville, FL, 5 Points

Timoti’s Seafood Shak – A Fresh Catch for 5 Points

One of newest restaurants is Timoti’s Seafood Shak–which fills a culinary void in the neighborhood, that of fast casual seafood. Surviving in 5 Points means you have to be good and consistent. From what I’ve seen so far, they may well thrive. It’s helpful for Timoti’s that this is not their first location. The major kinks were probably worked out in their Amelia Island locale. Design-wise, Timoti’s offers something more than the usual aesthetic. It’s clearly fast casual, but there’s an upscale feel nonetheless, probably because of the custom wood work, both on the ceiling and wall paneling, contrasting with …

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