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Bassist from The Dog Apollo Goes at it Alone: Chad Villarroel Releases Carmen EP

Chad Villarroel is channeling his inner chaos into a new solo effort that reflects his personal journey through the fire. After a self-imposed hiatus, Villaroel will launch his new passion project, Carmen, with an EP of songs called “Pause/Again,” that he says represent his cyclical journey. The single Novacaine drops July 5th and will be available on all streaming services including Spotify, Apple Music, and Google Play. The EP will be out July 19th. “I think there are elements of loss and elements of, certainly, love, and a small aspect of redemption, as well. The tracks really come from a …

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Hounding For More! The Dog Apollo Proves They Can Work and Play

There are a lot of moving parts when it comes to being a working band. Even more if the members all work “regular” jobs. It’s tricky to reconcile all the pieces, but for the guys in , it’s all part of the grind. “Trying to play shows out of town and plan ahead, it’s hard,” says , lead vocalist, guitarist and the band’s primary songwriter. “I work nights, so knowing ahead of time when the other guys can practice, I can accommodate my schedule. Rudasill works in the service industry and is the only member who works nights. Bassist , …

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Collective Con 2015

The Rash of Con – Collective Con Lands at Fairgrounds

Collective Con Brings Nationally Trending Nerd Culture to Jacksonville Nerd culture conventions are not just the fodder of late night talk show jokes anymore. The days of convention attendants being mocked for not having girlfriends is a thing of the past. In the last 5 years, the larger conventions, like San Diego’s famous , have grown so popular, you have to buy your tickets almost a year in advance or it’ll sellout before you even know what character you intend to go as.  in Atlanta has proven that this phenomenon isn’t exclusive to the west coast. Recently, Orlando’s  has even …

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DIABLO SEZ on music – April 2014

There is simply TOO MUCH going on in Jacksonville this month! It only happens a couple times a year, but this is one of those times when the stars align, the weather is perfect, and everything happens. Don’t get caught looking back on April with regret. Try any combination of the following events, or seek out any of the many equally as entertaining options not listed below. Whatever you do, do something! The Elements of [/p2p] LAUNCH PARTY Do you f*%$ing love science?! Of course you do, or at least according to your Facebook, you do. But do you really love …

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