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Friendship Fountain, Southbank, Jacksonville, FL

Friendship Fountain – Now Celebrating 50 Years!

Once the “World’s Lightest and Tallest Fountain”, Now Celebrating 50 Years! Since 1963, Jacksonville has enjoyed a signature fountain and park designed by the late, world-renowned architect , also designer of the , among other notable city buildings. Opening in 1965, and the are situated on the , where generations of families have enjoyed ambulating between the Main Street or bridge, which opened in 1957. The fountain, park, and bridge are the visual triumvirate architectural signatures which connect what was once known as South Jacksonville to Downtown. In the beginning, the fountain and park were made possible by a donation …

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Eco Relics: Decorating with Innovative Ideas

Mid-century modern has been the hot aesthetic in larger cities for a long time now, but, as with many trends, it has taken longer to reach critical mass here in Jacksonville. That’s why there were still fights recently over whether to preserve or demolish the old downtown library, designed by local architect the late . (Fortunately it has been restored and will soon open as home to the Jesse Ball duPont Fund and other nonprofits.)  has crossed the threshold into appreciation of the style, showing off the neighborhood’s many mid-century modern homes in annual home tours. If you are lucky …

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