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Downtown On The Rise

If our homes and workplaces are our first two social environments, a third place is anywhere else we go to socialize. Coined by urban sociologist Ray Oldenburg, third places are everyday gathering places that are the anchors of community life. They are easily accessible – often walkable, are welcoming and comfortable with a set of “regulars,” and usually include food or drinks as a key part of the experience. These are the places where we go to make our own entertainment. Great Downtowns have great third places. Urban living means trading in backyards for a variety of walkable hangouts. From …

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Cultural Council of Greater Jacksonville’s Night Of Fire

Just as Downtown continues to go through a renaissance, so is the  ’s leadership, as it is sparking the fire and turning Downtown into a hot flame of the arts and cultural activity-–the phoenix is rising. The evolution of Downtown is intertwined with that of the Cultural Council, both integral and symbiotic parts of the economic engine focused on re-defining  as a vital place to live, work, and play. The iconic , the nexus of the now infamous , will soon come alive inside and out with, respectively, the ticketed Council’s 38th Annual Arts Celebration dinner inside, followed by a …

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