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‘The Centre Cannot Hold’ Another Outstanding Performance by Playwright, Poet, Journalist, Actor and Nationally Known Personality Al Letson

A Dual Critics Review On July 5th 2019 the Dual Critics attended an outstanding performance by playwright, poet, journalist, actor and nationally known personality at . He was smartly dressed in a red tee shirt with the letters “get smart” across the front. We won’t even try to list all the accomplishments of this forty-seven-year old renaissance man; that would require a separate review. He wrote The Centre Cannot Hold, a reflection on mob violence in modern life. And he appeared as himself, along with multiple other characters.  He has written several plays, many of which we have reviewed. The …

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14 Best Things of 2014

The 14 Best Things that Happened in Jacksonville in 2014

Now that it is possible to fully reflect on the year that was 2014 it is safe to say it was the most energized and productive 12 months seen in Jacksonville in decades! EU Jacksonville invites you to be inspired by our listing of the 14 Best Things of 2014. And by all means share your own opinion: if you think there is something monumental we overlooked, if you truly disagree that our choices are worthy or if you want to compliment us on our taste, please do so at our Facebook page. 14. Street Food Makes a Home in …

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Al Letson’s Comic Book Super Hero

The glossy super heroes reflected in comic book tales’ panels are often exaggerated versions of the heroes walking among us in real life. However, it was real life that inspired  to craft a new kind of super hero, one who pushes back against the same insecurities and body issues we all face during our most harrowing adolescent struggles. Letson, playwright, poet, radio host of  heard on , and self-proclaimed comic book nerd, is authoring the limited edition, four-part comic book series . A Kickstarter campaign is underway to raise the $15,000 needed to complete the project. The campaign ends August …

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