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A Band in Command! The Commodores headline the 2017 Jacksonville Jazz Festival

Growing up on the northwest side of Jacksonville, often sat on the front porch of his house on 29th Street listening to the marching band.  When the wind was just right, the horns and the drums united in a ground swell of wonder and possibility. “When they turned all the way facing north, it was like ‘wow’! I would get so excited listening to those drums,” says Orange. “Eventually when I went to Northwestern High School, the first thing I went looking for was the drum section. That was my inspiration to play the drums. That was it.” Orange followed …

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ATLANTIC BEACH EXPERIMENTAL THEATRE REVIEW ABET opened its 24th season Labor Day weekend with the musical “Working,“ which will be on stage through September 20, 2015 at the in Atlantic Beach. For more information, visit www.abettheatre.com. It’s finally happened!! A play has been written about YOU! That’s right, YOU, the one reading this review! “Wait a minute,” you protest, “what do you mean about me?” But the play is about you, as we are sure that you work or have worked for a living sometime in your life, and this musical is just about that – about workers and working. …

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