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30 Years of Springing the Blues

Sam Veal wasn’t trying to build one of the biggest music festivals in the country. He just wanted to create an event that paid tribute to the blues in his own backyard. Fast forward 30 years, Springing the Blues is a monument to the blues movement, even if he doesn’t see it that way. When Veal met with the Beaches Museum about installing a small marker near the SeaWalk Pavilion stage, Executive Director Christine Hoffman suggested they go bigger with a permanent, stone memorial to formally honor the significance and contribution of the festival that welcomes thousands to the city …

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A Year in Review: 2019 Jacksonville Shows & Concerts by Photographer Kim Reed, The Rolling Stones at TIAA Bank Field

Year in Review: 2019 Jacksonville Shows & Concerts by Photographer Kim Reed

When the curtains rose and the spotlights came on, my long-lens Nikon was fixed right in the middle of the stage to catch Cher as she stepped out in all of her splendor at the VyStar Veterans Memorial Arena in Jacksonville. Only she was lowered down from the ceiling on a rope instead. Fortunately, I, Kim Reed, photographer at EU Jacksonville, managed to change tack and capture her glittery descent in all its glory.  The music scene in NE Florida includes such intimate spaces as and ranges through venues such as the , the and larger venues like , , …

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Local High School Student, Colin Harden, Wins Coveted Spot at Springing the Blues Festival in Jacksonville Beach

Growing up, multi-instrumentalist Colin Harden showed an early aptitude for music. The 16 year old started by plinking around on his grandmother’s basement piano and evolved into a classically trained pianist before he was of legal age to drive. “She figured for my seventh birthday she’d get me my first piano lesson,” he says. “Since then, I’ve just been playing music my entire life.” Harden now counts–literally he has to pause to tally the number–the piano, guitar, mandolin, drums, bass and ukulele among the instruments he plays. The teen will showcase his guitar skills on the s stage as the …

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Past and Present is Alive at Springing the Blues, Happening in Jacksonville Beach April 5-7

When you think of the rich landscape of blues history, palm trees and sandy beaches might not be the first place that springs to mind. is a distant cultural cousin of the birthplace of the blues, far removed by geography and tradition. Yet, there’s an inextricable current connecting the past and present that exists at the annual . It’s all part of the same story. The 29th Annual Springing the Blues Festival is held April 5-7 at the SeaWalk Pavilion in Jacksonville Beach with Danny Delves & the Deadly Nightshades kicking things off on the SeaWalk Pavilion stage. Weekend performances …

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The Little Sisters of the Allman Brothers: Larkin Poe at Springing The Blues

Growing up in Atlanta, Georgia, sisters Megan and Rebecca Lovell of Larkin Poe were raised the way good southern girls should be, singing the sweet, gospel harmonies of church hymns with a deep-rooted appreciation of bands like the Allman Brothers. Those early experiences served them well and show up in their music as distant strings tied to the past. Named for the girls’ three times great grandfather, are, in fact, distant descendants of the renowned author and poet Edgar Allan Poe. They discovered the connection in 2010 doing some digging into their family genealogy. “We didn’t find out that we …

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Selwyn Birchwood, Photo by Paul Natkin, Jacksonville Beach, Mojo Kitchen

Selwyn Birchwood: Florida Native Bares His Feet In The Blues

PLAYING SEPT 22 AT MOJO KITCHEN IN JACKSONVILLE BEACH It’s 90 degrees inside but bluesman Selwyn Birchwood is effortlessly cool. The Florida native is in his hometown of Orlando post Hurricane Irma where he is waiting for the power to be restored, an inconvenience he’s taking in stride with the same down-to-earth appeal that he displays on stage. Birchwood, 32, most often plays in a t-shirt and jeans rocking bare feet and his signature afro. He laughs when asked if his decision to play sans shoes is merely for comfort or a connection to the vibrations of the music. “The …

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Blues Is My Destiny: James Armstrong at Springing the Blues

Blues music is the exquisite exhalation of struggle and pain paired with the harmonious howl of survival and redemption. Singer, songwriter and guitarist is the living embodiment of that balance. When he first found his stride in the blues world, Armstrong knew he was fulfilling his destiny. Playing the blues was his birthright and nothing was going to keep him from that. James Armstrong will perform Sunday on the main stage at the held April 7-9 in Jacksonville Beach. During a recent European tour stop in Belgium, Armstrong spoke to EU Jacksonville about overcoming a tragic past and fighting back …

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Springing the Blues – 25th Anniversary

For many blues performers and their audiences, the relationship between the musical performance and storytelling is definitive of the genre and central to the blues tradition. These stories are rich in history, building a legacy of perseverance and success from the early days of field hollers and slave spirituals to the stories born on dimly lit stages and preserved in dusty tomes. The started small, as stories do. Founder had an idea to create a local music festival celebrating blues music. Plans were simple – one day and six bands on a tiny, open-air stage in the heart of Jacksonville …

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