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Local Florida Community

5 Reasons Why Brits Love Florida

Around 700,000 British expats live in the U.S., and a huge chunk of that population has chosen to reside in Florida. By the estimates of the British consulate in Orlando, approximately 400,000 British expats are in the state. But what makes Florida so attractive to the Brits? Brit-Friendly Culture A Florida retirement has become somewhat of a tradition in the UK. Much of this is because local Floridian culture offers a lot to retiring Brits. Home to the La Martina Miami Beach Polo World Cup, Miami’s version of soccer replaces the traditional green field with sand. For soccer fans, the new …

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Indie bands to watch out for in 2020, photo by Austin Neill

The Indie Bands to Watch Out for in 2020

Each new year brings new artists to discover and fresh soundtracks for the seasons, and 2020 is set to be no different – as a new group of indie bands are rising through the ranks to reach the mainstream. So, which bands should you be looking out for in the indie charts or festival line-ups this year? Here are our top five picks… Sports Team This preppy band have an image that harks back to some of the UK’s ’00s favourites, such as The Kooks and The Maccabees. However, don’t let looks deceive you – this band are serving up …

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