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Negro American League Jacksonville Red Caps Instrumental On, Off the Field

Icons of America’s pastime such as Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig have laced their cleats up at present day J. P. Small Park on Jacksonville’s . What if we told you they’re not the biggest sports heroes to round the bases, though? Now, the is the birthplace of many of the Bold City’s networking and business dreams. In 1937, the then-railroad-station was the unassuming birthplace of one of the boldest, most influential stories in the First Coast’s extensive sports history. Employed as Pullman porters and tending to sleeper cars for the passengers coming in and out of the Jacksonville Terminal, our …

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A Place of Creative Marvels – The Whetstonian

The first time I met Walter Whetstone, he invited me into his home and told me to look around, while he sat in a chair on the sidewalk and watched traffic. Though it was the middle of summer and unbearably hot, Walter wore a suit and tie. I’d wondered countless times what this strange block in Northern  could possibly be. From a balcony hung mannequin arms, and the innards of a piano adorned a brick wall. An adjacent building bore barber poles and brightly colored masks, while tall tin sheets emblazoned with quotes from famous architects rose in the yard that …

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Jax Neighborhoods From to , to , the  to the Southside, each one of Jacksonville’s over 500 neighborhoods has its own distinct character, history, and amenities. In the upcoming issues of , our team of writers and photographers will take you along on a journey of discovery, introducing you to stories, residents, and merchants in our myriad community pockets, as well as highlighting the many public facilities at our disposal. Did you know there are 27 parks in , or that the largest neighborhood land mass is in the Northside? Let’s learn what’s in our own backyards. You just might …

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