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“THE MUMMY” The Past Cannot Remain Buried Forever

Welcome to a New World of Gods and Monsters Two thousand years ago, Ahmanet was the princess and next in line to inherit the reign of Egypt as its first female Pharaoh. When her father remarried and bore a son, Ahmanet’s dreams of power were nearly extinguished. Her intense feelings of betrayal pushed her to call upon Set, the god of death, with the intention of ruling the world. Captured by her father’s men she was mummified alive, buried in a tomb 1,000 miles away, and erased from history. In present day Iraq, soldier-of-fortune Nick Morton and his comrade Chris …

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Les Miserables – Theatre Jax auditions

Judging from the auditions turnout at  on the weekend of January 25 & 26, the hottest show in town in June, 2014 will be “.” Now released for non-professional theatres, TJ was one of the lucky theatres to be awarded the rights to produce it. This is one of the most popular musicals in theatre history and certainly one of the most successful, with over 11,000 performances in London, and more than 6,000 on Broadway. In 2012 , the musical was made into a movie with  and . We had not been to auditions for any play in several years, and …

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