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Pink Martini: Get Shakin’, Not Stirred!

The mission statement is a simple one: bring people together. Part entertainment, part cultural outreach initiative, the band known as the “little orchestra” is a call for unity spoken through the universal language of music. Pink Martini represents the pulse of the world with a danceable beat. Founder described to how he channeled his early political aspirations in an artistic platform to create an all-inclusive sound from a social, political and global perspective. Pink Martini pushed against the boundaries of pop music and developed a multilingual repertoire reflected by its global fan base. “Creatively, the band itself is such a …

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Addi & Jacq Perform at Celebrate 450!

SEPT 5th  (Saturday) 2:50PM @ Hypolita & Spanish Streets (as part of the 450th Celebration) FREE SEPT 6th  (Sunday)  7-9PM @ Abella’s Studio, 1711 Lakeside Ave, #9, Tickets are $10. (armed with nothing more than vocals and a harp) have created a diverse and compelling body of music. The variety in Addi and Jacq’s output can be partly attributed to their wide range of musical influences, which they said include everyone from to , to . While some buzz with quick vocals and smart rhymes, others bubble slowly with blended voices. All are grounded by skilled writing, singing, and playing.

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