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The Day The Movies Died: Southbank’s Rich Film History

  In just the last handful of years, Jacksonville has permitted more than 400 film, television, and digital media productions. () called the city “a great asset” due to the diverse locations after shooting Lonely Hearts and Basic here. Film and television is on the rise in Jacksonville and is a growing source of employment and meaningful economic impact. As exciting as this growth is, Jacksonville is not unfamiliar with being a coveted destination of the movie industry. In the early 20th century, Northeast Florida carried the moniker, “Winter Film Capital of the World,” a far cry from ! Southbank …

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Crawdaddy’s: A look back!

Driving up to the front door, rustic wasn’t really the right word. It was old, seasoned barnwood and torn-off rusted whatevers nailed in every which way. It reminded me of a dilapidated tobacco warehouse you could find at the end of a country road in the Carolinas, yet evoked the essence of old Jacksonville. One of the most fascinating things about this space was the chicken coop full of chickens and roosters as one entered. started out as the place to be for fun, a relaxed country dining atmosphere on the river. Sure, there were no potatoes boiled in a …

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