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Ft. George

Fort George: Island Time and the Scent of Saltmarsh

BY KATE MATTHEWS I arrived on  near midnight on an early summer’s eve under a bright half-moon. There was a feeling of being submerged in the hot, liquid air while the narrow, sharply curving road pulled me through tunnels of oak hammocks draped with thick Spanish moss. A glimpse of coquina ruins shimmered on my left, followed by silhouettes of palm trees to the right, framing marshland and the Fort George River. I have since learned that every islander I have met had a similar, often nearly mystical, moment of falling in love with Fort George. I found myself living …

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Neighborhood: Ft. George – Roll or Float Along with Kayak Amelia

Have you ever thought, “man, I would love to go off-road on a Segway but I just don’t know where to do that”? If so, I have some great news for you. Going on an off-road Segway tour is totally a thing you can do in Jacksonville! offers tours of Fort George Island two to three times a day, six to seven days a week (depending on the season and demand). We took a tour with them, and it was not only fun but informative. We met our guide, Nick, at their Segway shed just across the road from the …

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