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What If Jacksonville Suddenly Woke Up?, Photo by Lance Asper

What If Jacksonville Suddenly Woke Up?

Some say Jacksonville is a diamond that wants to remain coal. What would it be like if Jacksonville were a city that didn’t hate itself… led by people who acknowledged its achievements? Here are a few things that possibly would have happened in New York, Rome, London Paris, Seattle, or San Francisco if the leaders that made them into Great Cities had been given our city and history. The Southern Music Hall of Fame would be open and full to capacity somewhere in downtown. , and The Allman Brothers would have exhibits there and all the music aficionados would know …

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A Visit to Mixon Studios

likes to bring together disparate and incongruous objects and see what beautiful accidents emerge. In his studio, you’ll find bronze breasts, a scale model of the Sears Tower, chicken wire, and old glass. He loves to pick his way through scrapyards. Edelson’s latest artwork may be his biggest yet. It juxtaposes a former industrial detergent plant, the infamously polluted , and fine art. He calls it . Mixon Studios takes its name from Mixon Town, which Google Maps calls this Industrial Gothic district north of and I-10, though the City of Jacksonville collectively calls several neighborhoods including Mixon Town, Honeymoon, …

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Popcorn Never Had It So Sweet: A Visit to Peterbrooke’s New Headquarters

has expanded their operations with a new factory on Copeland Street, a 28,000 square foot facility that will house their corporate offices, and is currently their base of operations for candy-making. By late 2016, it will be open for tours and events, from corporate meetings to classes and much more. The tour will begin with Peterbrooke’s signature item: a look into the chocolate popcorn room through glass windows. They isolate it from the main areas because popcorn tends to pick up scents very easily. Sealing the room off keeps the chocolate popcorn from tasting minty if they are doing mint …

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