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EU’s Official Music Creator Showcase at One Spark

With the month of April gently knocking at our front door, downtown Jacksonville is warming up for the third annual or “The world’s largest crowdfunding festival” on April 7-12. As part of the 2015 festival, EU Jacksonville newspaper is partnering with as the official venue for the Music Creator Showcase. This year there will be two $15,000 prize awards determined through crowd voting and a juried panel of music industry professionals. So, what does this mean? All music creators being showcased at Underbelly will have the chance to create something magical, something worth not only being a part of but …

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One Spark Pro Tips

Some helpful hints from a previous One Spark creator So, you’re all ready for . You have your grand project ready, you’ve attended the creator acadamy, your juices are flowing, and you’re registered–at least, hopefully you’re registered, since the deadline was February 25th (which also happens to be my birthday). Now that you’re ready to send your dream rover down from the clouds for a little exploration on the surface of planet reality, perhaps I can give you a little heads up on what to expect once you’re there. Bear in mind, I’m not just writing this as a journalist …

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One Spark Speaker Summit, Downtown Jacksonville

10 Reasons to Get Your Ticket to the One Spark Speaker Summit

The Speaker Summit presented by  is one of the best events for entrepreneurs, CEOs, small business folks, marketers, and creators in the Southeast! We know you already know that. But, we thought we’d give you 10 more reasons why you should get your ticket today! – From our friends at One Spark

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Opiate Eyes playing at Underbelly

JAX HAS TALENT! EU Jacksonville to host One Spark Music Creators

With the new year comes a new opportunity for local musicians to come together, showcase their talents and compete for two $15,000 prizes. New and established musicians are encouraged to participate in the 3rd annual Festival April 7-12 in . Crowds in excess of 265,000 people are expected to attend the event, billed as “the World’s Largest Crowdfunding Festival.” Creator registration is underway for musicians, artists and entrepreneurs to compete for bigger awards, exhibit in more venues and accept rewards-based crowdfunding contributions from anywhere in the world. Creators can register their projects at onespark.com. is serving as the official host …

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Eco Relics: Reuse, Recycle, Repurpose Jax

One of the best things about Springfield is the personal pride of ownership that shows in the dedication residents put into restoring their own homes, and by extension, the entire community. A valuable resource in this effort is found adjacent to the neighborhood at Eco Relics, 106 Stockton Street in West Riverside.  was established early in 2014 by . The “eco” part is a commitment to keeping usable construction supplies out of landfills and saving as many architectural remnants as possible. Think of it as a time-traveling hardware store and building supply company! Where better to find what you need …

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14 Best Things of 2014

The 14 Best Things that Happened in Jacksonville in 2014

Now that it is possible to fully reflect on the year that was 2014 it is safe to say it was the most energized and productive 12 months seen in Jacksonville in decades! EU Jacksonville invites you to be inspired by our listing of the 14 Best Things of 2014. And by all means share your own opinion: if you think there is something monumental we overlooked, if you truly disagree that our choices are worthy or if you want to compliment us on our taste, please do so at our Facebook page. 14. Street Food Makes a Home in …

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GastroFest – March 21, 2015 in Hemming Park

  Coming to Hemming Park on March 21st is GastroFest! Presented by GastroJax and hosted by , GastroFest will include restaurants, local food providers, local craft beer, cookbook authors, chef demos, and tastings, all to celebrate the food culture of the First Coast. You might know  as a 2014  project which made the top 20 out of over 600 projects and won the Golden Ticket from Void magazine and  As part of winning the Golden Ticket, Adjective & Co. have designed the  logo, which was introduced late last month. Since One Spark, GastroJax has held two fundraisers, the Damn Good …

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Creator Registration Launches for One Spark 2015

One Spark, The World’s Largest Crowdfunding Festival, kicked off creator registration today for the April 7 – 12, 2015 festival. This year, creator projects have the opportunity to compete for bigger awards, exhibit in more venues and accept rewards-based crowdfunding contributions from anywhere in the world. One Spark 2015 offers official creators 13 different $15,000 awards, over 80 venues to showcase their projects in and free entry into the One Spark Speaker Summit presented by . Creators can register their projects at OneSpark.com starting today. Artists, educators, makers, entrepreneurs, inventors, musicians and scientists from all over the world, collectively referred …

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Change Keeps Downtown Fresh

Barroom conversations and threads among Jacksonville’s urban cultural creatives over the past years have abounded with pessimistic rants, open wishes, and pleading prayers for a more conscious, vibrant, and progressive city. Over the years, that energy has been randomly dispersed in grassroots campaigns and DIY-style events. A growing army of younger energy has single-handedly made it their mission to be the change they want our city to be. These individuals, typically operating on shoestring budgets, rely heavily on their networks, fans, and a hope and a prayer, to spark a notion in others that, “if we can dream it, we …

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One Spark Berlin

It just takes one spark to start a fire, and that is exactly what happened a couple of weeks ago for the  crew in Berlin. The Jacksonville organization made the move to take its brand all the way to Germany. The smaller, one-day test festival, called One Spark START: Berlin, made some changes to the Jacksonville concept to cater to a different European market. One Spark faced lots of challenges in ensuring that this would be a successful event, but the alterations to the original concept were just the right tweaks needed to ensure that a great group of creators, …

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