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What’s The Latest? A Bird’s-Eye View of Downtown Jacksonville in 2018

Change is a vital currency that helps a city like Jacksonville maintain a vibrant cultural presence. Much ado has been made about the continued evolution of the city’s downtown area. Among the stewards of the area is Downtown Vision, Inc., who offered an update on a few of the high-profile developments and the impact the plans will have on the city. VP of Marketing for DVI, , has a bird’s-eye view of the work as it happens in real time. It’s an exciting time in , and Hardwick can see the evolution of the city’s skyline from her office window. …

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Laura Street Trio: A History

The distinction of being the founder of Jacksonville unquestionably belongs to , and he lived to see the town develop into a place of more than 2,000 people. At one time or another, he owned nearly all the land now known as old Jacksonville, and also the most of Hogan’s Donation (Springfield). He outlived all the early settlers and died in 1861. He was buried in a vault on a plot of ground at the northeast corner of State and Laura Streets, and his resting place was marked with this inscription: When I am dead and in my grave, And …

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