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One Spark Creator-The Girls Gone Green

There are few projects with the ability to capture so many great causes: environment, animals and health. The  have been growing strong here in Jacksonville for more than 5 years, but the group is ready to move to the next level. After establishing successful local campaigns like , , , and , the Girls now want to build regionally with a conference on animal/environment/food issues right here in Jacksonville. A regional conference of this kind could put Jacksonville on the map for all the right reasons, building on the great things we have to offer here in our city. “Becoming …

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No Meat March

Anyone can try being a vegetarian for one month, especially in March. March boasts restaurant “special menus” plus great dining guides and “how-to” starter kits. March is an easy month to try going meat-free, something you’ve probably wondered about at least once or twice. The real question is why should you try ? What is in is for you? Here are some ideas that might kick start you into thinking more about giving No Meat March a try. Your Health It has been debated whether becoming a vegetarian helps you to lose weight, cure diabetes, or decrease the risk of …

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