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2020 Feud Sports First Round NFL Mock Draft

Pick 1 — Cincinnati Bengals Joe Burrow, QB, LSU Does a world exist where the Bengals trade down and see what value they can get on a QB later in the draft? I think it does exist, but we won’t find out. The only thing up in the air here is what happens with the Red Rocket in the NFL. Pick 2 — Washington Redskins Chase Young, DE, Ohio State Washington isn’t going to take a QB, right? RIGHT!? Trade down is definitely possible, but I think they take who is likely the best prospect on their board. Pick 3 …

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Feud Focus: Jalen Ramsey shipped for picks; did the Jacksonville Jaguars win the trade?

Feud Focus: Jalen Ramsey Shipped for Picks, Did the Jacksonville Jaguars Win the Trade?

The Jacksonville Jaguars and Jalen Ramsey have finally parted ways. The brash and abrasive, yet extremely talented cornerback has gotten his wish to play in a bigger market and for a better team. received a decent offer of a first-round pick in 2020 and a first and fourth round pick in 2021. All seems right with the world. And, It should seem okay. The team got compensation back for a player that made it very clear he wasn’t willing to play for them anymore, and the budding star at a premium position gets out of the city that drafted him. …

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Show Me the Money: Myles Jack's Extension Paves Way for Jacksonville Jaguar Deals

Myles Jack’s Extension Paves Way for Jacksonville Jaguar Deals

Show Me the Money: Will the Jaguars new draft class go down as the best in franchise history because of Myles Jack extension? The 2016 was a turning point for the franchise. Coming into that draft, the Jaguars were fresh off a disappointing 5-11 season and fans were rightfully frustrated. The team was one season removed from drafting their presumed franchise quarterback, and the team hadn’t had the improvement that was expected of them. knew something had to be done.  The upcoming draft and offseason presented a new hope for the franchise, an opportunity to improve the team and get the …

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NFL: Jaguars beat Browns

Five weeks ago,  fans got the gift they thought they’d have to wait at least another year for.When Head Coach  finally made the choice to send rookie quarterback  on the field to start the second half against Indianapolis last month, fans cheered, critics sighed and the experts scooted to the edge of their seats. It was finally time to see what the third pick in the 2014  was all about. While Bradley tried his best to assure the world Bortles would not play this season, it didn’t take a rocket scientist to see that  just wasn’t working out. The Jags …

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