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Magnolias, Photo by Kristen Penoyer, Natedoesfood, Nomnomjax, #nomnomjax, #eujaxfood, Murray Hill, Jacksonville, Florida

Let There Be Waffles! Magnolia’s in Murray Hill

It’s always a good time for waffles, and Andrea Dahlia is proof of this theory. So much so, that she just opened a waffle-based restaurant in called Magnolia’s. If the last name sounds familiar, that’s because she is the owner of Dahlia’s Pour House in as well. Originally Andrea wanted to do tacos, but she quickly realized that tacos were
Knead Bakery

Eat Your Fill in Murray Hill

Local Murray Hill business owner Bernie Zitomer of Bernie’s Wine Stop says that a neighborhood like , sandwiched between industrial, commercial, and upscale residential, serves as a sort of “barometer of the economy.” Judging from the food providers and restaurants flourishing there, things are looking up for all of us.

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