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1748 Bakehouse in Springfield, #EATUPJAX: Openings, Closings, and New Locations in the Local Jacksonville Food Scene

#EATUPJAX: Restaurant Openings, Closings, and New Locations in the Local Jacksonville Food Scene

#EATUPJAX: Local Food News From the Folks at   is open at the Markets at Town Center, which is just south of the . The grocery chain, based out of Phoenix, provides shoppers with an organic and healthsome selection. This is their first in the Jacksonville area, but there are plans to open up a second on Beach Boulevard.  We’ve had quite a spate of specialty grocers opening in the Jacksonville area, places like Sprouts, something that the owners of  cites as the reason they’ll be closing all three of their locations. opened the first Native Sun here in Jacksonville …

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Right at home: Conrad Oberg’s Friday Night Rock Revival at Mojo’s

For most of his young life, words like child prodigy, guitar phenom, and musical genius have often been tossed around to describe . The musician, blind since birth, tears through a repertoire ranging from Beethoven to B.B. King with polished precision. Beginning this month, Oberg adds “artist-in-residence” to his impressive list of distinctions.Oberg, 22, will begin his Friday night residency April 8 at in Jacksonville Beach. Billed as , it’s an exclusive opportunity for local fans to experience Oberg in a free, local environment. The shows will begin at 9:30 and are open to the public. “It’s going to be an …

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Tuesday Night Blues Club

Event: Tuesday Night Blues Club Location: Dirty Reds’, 1451 Atlantic Blvd. Date/time: Tuesdays at 7pm Contact: www.facebook.com/dirtyredsfla // (904) 374-9438 In the early 20th century, traditional blues traveled by word-of-mouth from one performer to another through the Mississippi Delta. Artists would infuse old songs with new lyrics, with simple hymns sung in the fields growing into what are now considered the foundation of modern blues music. Many of Jacksonville’s most talented blues musicians today also rely on word-of-mouth via social media to generate what is quickly becoming a sought after weekly gathering of local players. The  was born of the …

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