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On the River: Making use of river waste

BY SHANNON BLANKINSHIP, Outreach Director, St. Johns Riverkeeper There’s nothing like a hurricane to demonstrate that our creeks, rivers and ocean suffer significantly from our waste. Whether it is litter, debris or just items from our back yard, if it wasn’t tied down or tightly secured, it may have ended up in the river. While Hurricane Matthew was an extreme example of this regular phenomenon, it happens during even normal rainfall events. Our creeks, especially in our urban neighborhoods, continue to be depositories for everything that can be carried by wind or water from yards, driveways, and roads. The young …

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A Visit to Mixon Studios

likes to bring together disparate and incongruous objects and see what beautiful accidents emerge. In his studio, you’ll find bronze breasts, a scale model of the Sears Tower, chicken wire, and old glass. He loves to pick his way through scrapyards. Edelson’s latest artwork may be his biggest yet. It juxtaposes a former industrial detergent plant, the infamously polluted , and fine art. He calls it . Mixon Studios takes its name from Mixon Town, which Google Maps calls this Industrial Gothic district north of and I-10, though the City of Jacksonville collectively calls several neighborhoods including Mixon Town, Honeymoon, …

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