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72 Hours in the Ward

  Words by Jillian Lombardo “Positivity is much harder to achieve than negativity,” said Ashley Lombardo, a previous inpatient. The precipice of self-destruction is a teetering point of known and unknown emotions. The chilling certainty that this is the end, a yearning to escape the relentless cascade of pain and despair. Lost in a labyrinth of questions, wondering how or why you arrived at this crossroads. Was it the lingering torment of a father’s absence, the heartache of a lost love or the relentless pressure to be the perfect daughter? Or was the sudden upheaval of a global pandemic that …

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Innocence Stolen, Fear on the Rise: Mass Shooting Anxiety Marks a generation

Words by Mallory Pace Not even a full month into the year and there have been three school shootings across the country. The Gun Violence Archive has documented 32 mass shootings up until January 28th, with more coming in every day. With that math we’re on track for at least one shooting a day. Twenty-seven days into the year and at least 54 victims have been killed from gun violence, even more injured. Three killed outside an apartment complex in North Carolina; six bodies found near a highway in California; a block party in Katy, Texas left three dead; in one …

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