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Fashioning Atmosphere from Salvage

One of the most important aspects of opening a restaurant or cafe is crafting a physical environment that connects the food and beverage offerings with a particular history, style, and culture. Authenticity is important to today’s savvy customers. Targeted by thousands of marketers every day, they can smell a fake from a mile away. Chain restaurants and cafes lack the unique ambiance enjoyed by the discerning customer. Ambiance cannot be duplicated, it is simply harnessed by proprietors with vision and will. Meehan’s Irish Pub of in St. Augustine stressed the value of incorporating salvage into design plans during the renovation …

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The Real McCoy: Meehan’s Irish Pub and Eco Relics

is no plastic paddy. A stone’s throw from might seem an unlikely place to find a traditional Irish pub, but Ireland traces its St. Augustine diaspora back to 1595, with the arrival of , an adventurer and soldier who had helped establish the lost colony of Roanoke with Sir Walter Raleigh a decade earlier. In 1597, from Limerick arrived in St. Augustine on a Spanish ship to serve as parish priest. If Father Arthur and Darby Glavin were alive today, they’d be sipping Bushmills at Meehan’s with Reggie and David, a couple of Ireland’s more recent arrivals now employed at …

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