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Ida Claire open at the St. Johns Town Center in Jacksonville, Florida, Blueberry Waffle, #EATUPJAX: November Restaurant Openings, Closings, and New Locations in the Local Jacksonville Food Scene

#EATUPJAX: November Restaurant Openings, Closings, and New Locations

#EATUPJAX is a monthly column featuring restaurant openings, closings, new locations and other food news in the local Jacksonville food scene brought to you by   on the is now closed. If you still have gift cards or turkey orders, they will be honored at ’s restaurant, Gilbert’s Underground Kitchen.  Craving some vegan and gluten-free? This November, coming to 311 West Ashley Street near the Duval County courthouse in , is Grenville Kitchen. They’ll be serving pastries, soups, salads, and Caribbean-inspired cuisine. The most intriguing of their selections: the voxtail, a vegan version of an oxtail.  The super-swanky Downtown eatery, , …

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7 Burgeoning Trends of Jacksonville Dining

by JENNIFER EARNEST AND CHRISTOPHER IRVIN Just like in the world of fashion, food trends come and go. Some, like the shoulder pads of the 80s, have gratefully come and gone. When it comes to food, some trends go beyond being just “trendy.” These so-called trends actually develop and expand the fabric of our food scene into something better. The thing with trends is that they are all relative to whom you talk to– some people still dig shoulder pads, just as some people still believe vegans only eat salad.So, for the purpose of this article, we reached out to local …

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Maple Street Biscuit Company in San Marco

My grandmother made what I considered to be the best food–always from scratch. My mother has some recipes she developed herself, which I still think are fabulous, but we both know nothing compares to Grandmother’s cooking. Grandmother’s liver and onions, meatloaf and fried chicken still top my list of food for which I have not found an acceptable substitute. During the significant portions of my youth I spent living with Grandmother, I came to anticipate morning breakfasts of scrambled eggs, real bacon, toast and often her locally-famous biscuits and gravy. None of this was on my mind as I made …

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