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New Food In The 904: 12 Fresh Spots To Dine In Jacksonville

Rue Saint Marc By Erin Thursby / Photos by Sterling Tucker Rue Saint Marc, the latest venture backed by the brothers Medure, is actually a partnership with a couple who have had an incredible journey over the years. The French-American menu comes from CIA Hyde Park alum Chef Scott Alters, but the cocktails happening at the bar are the brainchildren of his fiancée Gabrielle Saul. She’s been studying mixology for years, and spent some time in Napa perfecting her understanding of wine. She shook up the bar program at Medure before helping her fiancé open Rue. She makes as much as …

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Magnolias, Photo by Kristen Penoyer, Natedoesfood, Nomnomjax, #nomnomjax, #eujaxfood, Murray Hill, Jacksonville, Florida

Let There Be Waffles! Magnolia’s in Murray Hill

It’s always a good time for waffles, and Andrea Dahlia is proof of this theory. So much so, that she just opened a waffle-based restaurant in called Magnolia’s. If the last name sounds familiar, that’s because she is the owner of Dahlia’s Pour House in as well. Originally Andrea wanted to do tacos, but she quickly realized that tacos were spoken for here in Jacksonville. Just around the corner you have your , Nacho Taco, Tijuana Flats, etc. How did this idea start? One Christmas, Andrea got a bread/waffle maker. Soon after, she started testing waffle batters and used her …

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San Marco Dining, Jacksonville, FL

Restaurants: Southbank to San Marco Square

Satisfy your hankering for Thai food on the Southbank at this upscale Thai bistro and bar. 1004 Hendricks Ave, allurethaijax.com/ 674-0190 Soups, salads, and burgers, all hand-made fresh. 815 S Main St #105, appetitescafe.com 398-0984 Buzzing bistro serving innovative New American dishes and sweets from a dessert case amid chic digs. 1019 Hendricks Ave, bbsrestaurant.com 306-0100 This popular diner is one of four here in Jacksonville, serving breakfast and typical diner fare. 1965 San Marco Blvd, beachdiner.com /san-marco/ 399-1306 Bistro AIX reflects the dining style of the southern France with New American leanings. One of the top dining choices in …

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Knead Bakery

Eat Your Fill in Murray Hill

Local Murray Hill business owner Bernie Zitomer of Bernie’s Wine Stop says that a neighborhood like , sandwiched between industrial, commercial, and upscale residential, serves as a sort of “barometer of the economy.” Judging from the food providers and restaurants flourishing there, things are looking up for all of us. New to the neighborhood this year are Knead, , and . They have joined ranks with some of the most classic food destinations in Jacksonville. , which you might recognize as the bread provider for  in , opened up their own place in Murray Hill. They serve artisan sandwiches, bread, …

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Jacksonville’s Newest Restaurants

In the last year or two, we’ve had a wave of truly fantastic places opening in Jacksonville. It’s worth celebrating, so we’ve gathered together a list of places you should try, or revisit, if you haven’t already. has hit its stride and quickly become one of  hippest eateries. The cocktails were always outstanding while the service and the food (pretty stellar to begin with) have now reached optimum levels. , one of our food truck success stories, opened a brick and mortar earlier this year on Post Street. It’s just off the main drag in , tucked off to the …

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Maple Street Biscuit Company in San Marco

My grandmother made what I considered to be the best food–always from scratch. My mother has some recipes she developed herself, which I still think are fabulous, but we both know nothing compares to Grandmother’s cooking. Grandmother’s liver and onions, meatloaf and fried chicken still top my list of food for which I have not found an acceptable substitute. During the significant portions of my youth I spent living with Grandmother, I came to anticipate morning breakfasts of scrambled eggs, real bacon, toast and often her locally-famous biscuits and gravy. None of this was on my mind as I made …

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