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ROCK OF AGES National Tour - Jeremy Daniel, 2018

INTERVIEW: Rock of Ages Broadway Tour Features Jacksonville Native Mark LaDuke

It was the decade of big hair and even bigger rock anthems. The ’80s created the soundtrack of a generation and inspired some of the most recognizable fashion trends from the business-in-the-front-party-in-the-back mullet to the gravity-defying architecture of the Aquanet bangs. Rock of Ages celebrates the decade in all its glory with a special 10th anniversary tour. Jacksonville native Mark LaDuke is a featured member of the ensemble cast who’s hitting all the right notes with the score of 80’s classics. The musical production is staged for one performance only on January 10th at the (www.artistseriesjax.com). “It’s incredible. It’s been …

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Spark Youth With The Arts

It starts with the tap of your foot to a sound you hear in your head, and then you realize it’s music. Like a soft ting of a bell or the graceful descent and deliberate resting place of a snowflake, it uplifts and intensifies the sense of sight and sound in all of its majestic forms. It’s Art, a gift bequeathed to be nurtured and chiseled into magnificence. Enter the (CAP, www.capkids.org): a visual arts and performance program that facilitates artistic creativity. Consisting of a single dance class and ten students at its inception in 1993, the Cathedral Arts Project …

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