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A Nurse, A Doctor, and a Photographer Walk Into A Bar…..

Words by Amiyah Golden Photo by Mark Cubbedge If you haven’t been to one of Jacksonville’s dive bars to bump elbows with fellow locals and wallow at the top of your lungs in an off-key pitch to some classics, can you say you’ve truly lived yet?   I cover many emerging artists in the Jacksonville music scene, but I had the opportunity to talk to local cover band Solar Tide and explore their unique impact within Jacksonville’s soundscape.    The band is composed of musicians Chad Stidham, Sarah Spelsberg and Chris Condon. All three being a testament that it is …

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Some Things in This Life Are Meant to Be: Noah Hunton’s Journey Toward Success

Noah Hunton’s Journey Toward Success Words by Carson Rich Noah Hunton is a rising singer/songwriter who has always had dreams of being at the top. Since the time he picked up a guitar in the sixth grade, he has always envisioned himself on the big stage like the ones before him. A childhood filled with the top country artists playing throughout his home brought this idea to life.    At a young age, Noah Hunton loved playing music, so much so that it drove his parents crazy everytime he would ask for a new guitar or something new to learn. …

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Adios! DIABLO SEZ – July 2016

For the past eight years I’ve observed, reported on, participated in, facilitated, and otherwise dedicated a considerably decent part of my life to supporting here in Jacksonville. It started , , , , and . I’ve been in at least six bands that I can recall, some you’ve never heard of, some I’m quite proud of, and most importantly, I started a venue downtown with some friends that I booked and promoted for the first few years. By the time you are reading this, will have held its final show, which may or may not be the last I ever …

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