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Adam Duritz of Counting Crows in Jacksonville, Florida at Daily's Place, Photo by Richard Chappell for EU Jacksonville Newspaper

25 Years and Counting Tour Brought the 90’s Back: Counting Crows and Live Sizzled at Daily’s Place

Twenty five years doesn’t sound like a long time until the opening band tells the crowd how excited his 10-year-old self is to be touring with the headliners. The 25 Years and Counting Tour brought the 90’s back in a big way Saturday at Daily’s Place with and the . Both bands are celebrating significant milestones to still be playing music to arenas full of adoring and appreciative fans after all these years. John Paul Roney of supporting act was in good company, though the majority of the audience was decidedly older than 10 when Live and Counting Crows both …

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Interview with Ed Kowalczyk of Live: Will Perform with Counting Crows at Daily’s Place

After three weeks on the road with the Counting Crows, Ed Kowalczyk is in high spirits surrounded by old friends and playing new music with his band Live with a renewed intensity. It’s not a place he ever imagined to see again but he’s grateful to be back. “It’s amazing. We’re having a blast,” says Kowalczyk from Austin, Texas where Live and Counting Crows will share the bill on the Crows’ 25 Years and Counting Tour. “We’re sounding bigger and more rock than we ever have. It’s really at a fever pitch.” The tour pulls into Jacksonville Aug. 4 for …

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25 Years and Still Counting Crows: Interview with Adam Duritz

There’s a number of advantages to having a 25-year career in music. For starters, it’s a solid indicator of stable employment. It’s also damn good way to turn a summer road trip with your buddies into a cross country tour. For several years running, of the has parlayed his summers into something approximating work. “It’s great to get paid for your road trips,” he says. “I’ve been on the same road trip for 25 years now. As a musician, that’s always extremely doubtful, so whenever you can have it, that’s a big positive.” Granted, Duritz has a “friend pool” that …

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A Delightful Dilemma: Men are from Mars – Women are from Venus, Live!

Event: , Live! The differences between men and women are innumerable. The similarities are what are worth noting. There are truths big and small that we all share. “Men are from Mars – Women are from Venus, Live! explores the commonalities in relationships with humor and humanity. The presents this one-man fusion of theatre and stand-up starring June 11th-13th at the (www.artistseriesjax.org). The theatrical comedy is based on the New York Times #1 best-selling book by . Topics including sex, love, dating, and divorce are all represented in a candid and personal way that relates to many of us. As …

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