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jack mock, mock shop music exchange, murray hill, photo by Jesse Brantman

Rix Rex: Mockshop Music Exchange and the Celestial Dream Pop of wise river

Located in the heart of at 933 Edgewood Ave S is : a boutique music store unlike any other in Jacksonville, which specializes in unique guitars, effects pedals, and amplifiers. Opened in July of 2016 by owner , Mockshop Music Exchange provides the urban core of Jacksonville with a locally owned and operated music store, fulfilling all of your music gear needs. After noticing a void in Jacksonville for a music store of this kind, Mock was finally able to open the store he had always dreamed of. “We’re going have products in here that you’re not going to see …

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WISE RIVER – #22222 One Spark Music Creator

WISE RIVER – #22222 PLAYING @ EU’s MUSIC CREATORS SHOWCASE at UNDERBELLY – Friday April 10 – 10:00 p.m. is a 3-piece dream pop/synth pop band from Jacksonville, fronted by brother and sister duo and . They focus on combining digital and analog instruments, effects, noise, and samples to create a sound that is all at once dreamy, experimental, and catchy. By using traditional instruments mixed with samples, electronic instruments, and noise they create music that is unique and distinctive. The band is less than a year old, but plans to release a self-titled cassette this summer.

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