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Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp Make Big Splash

There are few things as quintessentially American as baseball. And nothing says Florida like a big, heaping plateful of jumbo shrimp. By bringing them together, the newly rebranded became the most talked about minor league baseball campaign in recent history drawing the same passion as loaded bases in the bottom of the ninth. But as twilight wanes on the , fans wonder what now? Well, batter up. The 2017 season will unveil a the renovations to the ballpark, menu changes that reflect the new team name and new merchandise store. , media and public relations manager for the Jacksonville Jumbo …

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Bragan leads a Suns-heavy 2016 Southern League Hall of Fame Class

The announces the induction of four members to the Southern League Hall of Fame Class of 2016, as chosen by a panel of 30 voters. The inductees are , ,  and . As part of the third induction class to the Southern League Hall of Fame, nominees were accepted from the member clubs and voting committee. Upon receipt of the nominees, the 2016 ballot was sent back to the committee and the top three names were selected by the voting panel. The fourth and final member of the 2016 Hall of Fame class, Schmittou, was chosen from the Special Consideration …

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New owner Ken Babby to take control following 2015 season The Jacksonville Suns announced today that the Bragan family, the longtime owners of the club, is selling its Southern League franchise to executive .  bought the franchise in 1984 and served as its Chairman of the Board until his death in 2012. His son, current President ., said it was a tough decision to sell but it was the right time and right new owner for the . “Ken is about the age I was when daddy bought the team,” Bragan, Jr. said. “He has the youth, enthusiasm, and smarts …

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