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Bucket lists and Beyoncé: Gallagher & Crew on Tour

Comics are often the saddest clowns when the lights are down, but an afternoon chat with proves that even when he’s not on stage, the lights are always bright. His involuntary response to stimulus, whether visual, physical, or conversational, produces some hilarious, thoughtful, and unexpected results. It’s an abbreviated master class in blurred lines, bucket lists, and Beyoncé. Synonymous with chaotic prop comedy, the 68-year-old comic born Leo Gallagher made a name for himself in the 80’s as the guy with the striped shirt and wild hair who smashed watermelons on stage with the . He was the human manifestation …

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Laughs & Riffs – The A-Train Experience

Duval-based comic calls on comedians and musicians alike to get all aboard his entertainment express at Jax Comedy Club If you are at all intimate with the stand-up scene in Jax, then you are most certainly familiar with Jacksonville’s own professional jokester, . He’s been performing here “all his life,” starting out as the “funny kid” and, now into adulthood, opening for many notable national acts such as , , and . If you cover the Jax yuk-yuk scene as I do, he is as much of a fixture in greenrooms as is neurosis. The always affable and down-to-earth comic …

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Tom Arnold – comedian

Venue: Comedy Zone Date/Time: Friday, August 22, 8pm & 10pm Saturday, August 23, 8pm & 10pm contact: www.comedyzone.com // 904-292-4242 (HAHA) I’ve always felt that  and I were part of a unique brotherhood. You see, I was also once married to . Well, not THE Roseanne Barr, but she may as well have been. This is not an insult–at least not to my ex. She adores Roseanne and would watch the Nick at Night Roseanne marathons with religious fervor almost nightly, and thus would wear any comparison to her with a badge of honor. Arnold and I also are both …

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