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All the Angels Come

A DRAMATIC READING & PERFORMANCE OF AN EPIC FAIRYTALE IN THE RIVER CITY Players by the Sea presents a dramatic reading and performance of an epic fairytale in the River City written by . was originally written in novel format and has been adapted for the stage for a public staged reading directed by . All the Angels Come is a work of fiction in a big screen age where the Tony Starks and Bruce Waynes don their costumes, and leave their mansions. There are those among us who have neither. They can be heroes too. The story begins with Willis, Masuyo, Jay and Ricardo. You may …

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Expounding the Pavement with Heartbeat of the Bold City Founder Jessica Pounds

A little over 100 years ago, downtown Jacksonville was on fire. Now we use that teachable moment as an advertising campaign to implore residents of our geographically expansive community to venture downtown and breathe in the culture. has been instrumental (forgive the inevitable musician pun) in the application of physical presence, cooperative engagement, and creative solutions to proliferate participation in the arts for Jacksonville residents. Social media is crucial to manage and maintain interests in an environment where oversaturation barely laps the shores of our consciousness. Global concerns, work obligations, lunch; social media can be a calendar, promoter, oracle in …

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“TO THE SEA” Water Is Our Core

Players by the Sea & The Cummer Museum of Art & Gardens Review As a continuation of the celebration for the in Jacksonville, and The presented an original one-act play by Jacksonville Playwright entitled “” for one performance on October 21, 2015. A bit of background on how this project came to fruition is in order. , the Executive Director of Players by the Sea, after becoming aware of the local TV show “” and Mr. Alabisco’s love of water and swimming, arranged a discussion meeting. Players over the years has always been committed to bringing new works by local …

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TO THE SEA the Human Relationship with Water

  “Swimming is a constant in my life. It is the source of my energy. Being in the water. Swimming for miles. It’s my mediation and fuels of creativity. The fruit of which is nourished by water.” For , the water is not just a beautiful entity that represents spirituality or re-birth. It is his life- a place where he finds comfort, joy and a sense of belonging. Jim’s colorful oceanside photographs that surface on social media several times a week toast his adventures and passion with three words: “”. Alabiso has joyfully spent many years telling his stories in …

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Pecha Kucha: Year of the River

   Event: Pecha Kucha: Year of the River When: Thursday, June 18, happy hour at 6 p.m., presentations at 7 p.m. Location: MOCA Jacksonville Tickets: Free Contact: www.mocajacksonville.org or www.pechakucha.org   was introduced in Tokyo in 2003 as an event for young designers to meet, network, and show their work in public. The word is Japanese: a term for the sound of conversation or chit-chat. As it is used today, Pecha Kucha is a presentation style of 20 images at 20 seconds each, which makes for rapid, fun imagery and impressions. Pecha Kucha has quickly gained international appeal with events …

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