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DUAL CRITICS REVIEW: Little Shop of Horrors at Alhambra Theatre & Dining

The Alhambra Theatre opened the 2nd show of its 51st season with the classic “Little Shop of Horrors” the l982 Off-Broadway musical by and which in turn was base on Roger Corman’s l960 movie. It has remained very popular over the years after running for five years in New York. This show run through March 25 20l8, call 641-1212 for reservations. is located at 12000 Beach Blvd in Jacksonville Florida. This is the story of a nebbish flower shop guy Seymour () who unknowingly cultivates an “unusual” new plant that brings him good fortune and wealth to the skid row …

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COME BLOW YOUR HORN – Back To Alhambra’s Beginning

ALHAMBRA THEATRE AND DINING REVIEW A DUAL CRITICS REVIEW BY DICK KEREKES & LEISLA SANSOM The  is celebrating its birthday throughout 2017. This cherished Jacksonville venue is now fifty years old, and the owners are making the January opening of the year-long celebration special by staging ’s “,” the theatre’s opening show in 1967. And to make it even more special, they are offering unheard of pricing for this limited showing running through January 27. You can purchase two tickets for the show for only $50.00 — and ’s wonderful table service three-course meal is included! Neil Simon is one …

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ALHAMBRA THEATRE AND DINING REVIEW There is lots of fun and many laughs with “Spelling Bee,” the Alhambra’s latest musical, which was nominated for six Tony Awards in 2005 and winner of two. The hilarious story is that of a fictional spelling bee set in the also fictional Putman County somewhere in America. Six unusual spellers compete for the title that will allow them to advance to the next level and hopefully eventually to the national finals in our nation’s capitol. The musical, by and , with music and lyrics by , is of course based on the actual spelling …

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It will be snowing in Jacksonville, Florida through December 24, as the Alhambra Theatre at 12000 Beach Boulevard presents Irving Berlin’s “White Christmas.” The musical debuted in 2004 and is already a classic; a must-see-it on everyone’s holiday calendar. The musical is based on a 1954 film of the same name, and its 1942 predecessor, “Holiday Inn.” Both were musicals with songs written by Berlin and sung by Bing Crosby. The  did “” in 2012, and it was a smash hit, with sold-out performances. The 2014 version, which opened on November 26, has also been a hit at the box …

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Alhambra’s Joseph & the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

It is glittering! It is energetic and a musical, a resonant parable filled with delightful song. It is the biblical story of Joseph and his dazzling coat of many colors by Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice, on stage with Alhambra’s Joseph & the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat at the Alhambra Theatre & Dining, 12000 Beach Boulevard, Jacksonville, Florida until August 4th. Call 641-1212 for reservations. This is a show that began as a cantata for a religious school. Webber and Rice added a few songs for a concert version, then it moved to London and Edinburgh stages. It hit Broadway in …

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Alhambra’s Wizard of Oz

Some early results are in for the 2012 election year. The Alhambra Theatre decided to choose its summer play based on the votes of its fans and patrons, and The Wizard of Oz was the winner of the popular vote. The musical has now opened and will be playing through July 23rd. It’s not a surprise that it won; the novel by L. Frank Baum that inspired the play has had a strong following since it was first published in 1900, 112 years ago. In 1939, an Academy Award nominated film starring Judy Garland was made. The Wizard of Oz film …

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Alhambra Cinderella Gala by Iamesphoto.com

Alhambra’s Cinderella

Summertime is fun time and last weekend The Alhambra Theatre & Dining opened the magic musical Cinderella by Rodgers and Hammerstein, a special treat for all ages. Summertime is also the time for temperatures in the nineties, but your family can enjoy two great hours of wonderful entertainment and dining in air-conditioned comfort while watching this ever-popular fairytale performed by an outstanding cast. The musical follows the traditional story of the lovely young lady who has been relegated to a life of unceasing toil as a household drudge by her cruel stepmother and her two vain and malicious stepsisters, until …

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Alhambra Singin in the Rain

Alhambra’s Singin’ in the Rain

The Alhambra Dinner Theatre opened a bright ray of sunshine last weekend with Singin’ In The Rain, the 1985 Broadway musical based on the outstanding 1952 film of the same name, starring Gene Kelly and Debbie Reynolds. This brilliant musical has it all; hilarity, engaging performances, lively choreography and the catchiest tunes. It is Alhambra’s stimulus entertainment package that lives up to the definition: something that quickens action, feeling and thought. Action! The tap dancing is possibly the best ever performed on this stage, and you’ll feel the urge to tap a toe or two. Feeling! Any time you can …

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