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Miami's Rising Tide of Climate Action, ashley-satanosky-325852-unsplash

Reality Check for Florida? Miami’s Rising Tide of Climate Action

For decades, Miami has been an international tourist destination, known for its lavish nightlife and decadent beach lifestyles. Yet lately, in popular imagination, its reputation as a perennial, sunny playground of the rich and fabulous is preceded by predictions of its imminent drowning. Therefore, it is not so surprising that Miami has joined a coalition of the willing with other major US cities to do what they can to counter the Trump administration’s belligerence towards curbing climate change. President Trump’s departure from the Paris Climate Accords has only accelerated this trend and cities are increasingly taking climate policy into their …

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Celebrating 16 years of the Joseph A. Strasser Butterfly Festival!

On Saturday, April 29th from 10am to 4pm, will hold , and everyone is invited! Here are some of the details you need to know about the event: Why should I attend? This isn’t an easy one to answer, since there are so many great reasons to come to the Festival! Each year, Tree Hill welcomes local vendors who are selling lots of goodies, ranging from local honey and goat milk soap to jewelry and fairy wands! Local groups come out to spread the word on their work, ranging from solar energy and backyard chicken keeping to outdoor adventurers. Every …

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Arlington Would Gain New Investments as a Community Redevelopment Area Building on major new investments by Jacksonville University,  was joined today by City Council members and  President  to announce that the City’s  initiative will expand to the Arlington area.  Launched by Mayor Brown in November 2014, Renew Jax is designed to empower and revitalize key Jacksonville neighborhoods and corridors through public-private partnerships. “Arlington is a community that’s ready for a turnaround,” said Mayor Brown.  “It’s a neighborhood with a great past and I believe it can look forward to a great future.  By leveraging public and private investments, we will …

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