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Taking A Bite Outta Crime!

The bond between a dog and its owner is a deep well of loyalty and trust. For the K9 officers with the , the connection between a K9 and its handler is all about protection and safety, duty and diligence. Their professional abilities and training must coordinate in the field but the personalities must also gel for the partnership to work. It’s not a buddy cop movie. It’s a dog eat dog world and the K9 officers are taking a bite out of crime while protecting the life of their partner in the face of danger. As a 24-year veteran …

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GastroFest 2015 in Hemming Park

GastroFest Brings Thousands of Diners Downtown

Foodies Unite Cook it, brew it, bake it, and they will come. During our first annual , held March 21st in , Jacksonville came hungry and left happy. First, we’d like to thank all of our wonderful sponsors and people who donated to our initial campaign; without you there would not have been an event. We want to extend our thanks and appreciation to every single attendee, vendor, venue, and volunteer who helped make this dream a reality. Our goal at is to put Jacksonville on the culinary map, all while educating people on food history and culture, and GastroFest …

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Arlington Would Gain New Investments as a Community Redevelopment Area Building on major new investments by Jacksonville University,  was joined today by City Council members and  President  to announce that the City’s  initiative will expand to the Arlington area.  Launched by Mayor Brown in November 2014, Renew Jax is designed to empower and revitalize key Jacksonville neighborhoods and corridors through public-private partnerships. “Arlington is a community that’s ready for a turnaround,” said Mayor Brown.  “It’s a neighborhood with a great past and I believe it can look forward to a great future.  By leveraging public and private investments, we will …

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