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Meet Motes Militia

“In the water, we’re all equal.” Words & photos by Ambar Ramirez For some, it’s a fear, for others, it’s a way of life. Encompassing approximately 71% of Earth, the ocean extends its salty blue expanse over more than half of our landmass, complete with powerful currents and a myriad of sea creatures. Interestingly, scientists possess more knowledge about space than the liquid mass that envelops our globe. Yet, for surfers worldwide, the ocean isn’t just a vast, obscure expanse; it’s their home. And for three generations, Motes Militia has been riding Jacksonville’s waves and teaching younger generations how to …

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Curtis DeWitt for (Unofficial) Jax Beach Mayor

“I guess I have built something.” By Ambar Ramirez and Carmen Macri It was a sunny afternoon when “Folio” arrived at the sky blue-painted hotel located on Atlantic Blvd. We had heard whispers of a man who runs an empire out of Jacksonville’s beaches, so we decided to meet with the man behind it all. Curtis DeWitt started from humble beginnings, but through dedication and immense love for the city he calls home, he has made it his mission to transform the beaches into a hospitable hotspot. Dewitt not only runs Beach Life Rentals from St. Augustine Beach to Atlantic, …

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Naked and Not Ashamed: Nude Recreation in Jax

After last issue’s article about the growing sport of pickleball, we heard a rumor about nude pickleball becoming the next big recreational sporting trend in Northeast Florida. After a little research, we learned nude pickleball, along with a whole lot of other clothing-optional activities, is true but not necessarily in Jacksonville. Bottom line (pardon the pun), we discovered there is just about every kind of sport available for those that like to bare their bums for more than just sun, including but certainly not limited to volleyball (beach and water), tennis, horseshoes, horseback riding, dancing, nature hiking and running. Nude …

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Jacksonville, Florida is the Hidden Gem of Florida

Jacksonville, Florida is a Hidden Gem to Live and Play

Jacksonville, Florida, is emerging as a rising travel destination. But what about a destination to live in? The locals have always known that Jacksonville, or Jax as we like to call it, is one of Florida’s little gems. Now others are slowly discovering that Jacksonville is a pretty cool place to live.  Here are 6 things about Jacksonville, Florida that many people overlook, making it one of Florida’s most underrated cities. 1.  Plenty of Outdoor Activities Jacksonville boasts the largest land area of any city in the United States spreading across more than 840 miles. The St. Johns River runs through …

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Local Florida Community

5 Reasons Why Brits Love Florida

Around 700,000 British expats live in the U.S., and a huge chunk of that population has chosen to reside in Florida. By the estimates of the British consulate in Orlando, approximately 400,000 British expats are in the state. But what makes Florida so attractive to the Brits? Brit-Friendly Culture A Florida retirement has become somewhat of a tradition in the UK. Much of this is because local Floridian culture offers a lot to retiring Brits. Home to the La Martina Miami Beach Polo World Cup, Miami’s version of soccer replaces the traditional green field with sand. For soccer fans, the new …

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A Behind the Scenes look at Romeo & Juliet, Players By The Sea Presents a Powerful All Female Cast in Romeo & Juliet

Players By The Sea Presents a Powerful All Female Cast in Romeo & Juliet

When the now-defunct announced it was closing its doors with an unrealized production of an all-female production of Romeo & Juliet in the works, it took the spirit of collaboration to help bring the story to life Players by the Sea partnered with , artistic director of Self Produced Theatre, Romeo & Juliet Director Amy Canning Love and Assistant Director to create a space for this groundbreaking production. Romeo & Juliet will be staged Feb. 20-23 at in (www.playersbythesea.org). “I knew the directors and the leads were passionate about the project, so I never had doubts that they were going …

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1748 Bakehouse in Springfield, #EATUPJAX: Openings, Closings, and New Locations in the Local Jacksonville Food Scene

#EATUPJAX: Restaurant Openings, Closings, and New Locations in the Local Jacksonville Food Scene

#EATUPJAX: Local Food News From the Folks at   is open at the Markets at Town Center, which is just south of the . The grocery chain, based out of Phoenix, provides shoppers with an organic and healthsome selection. This is their first in the Jacksonville area, but there are plans to open up a second on Beach Boulevard.  We’ve had quite a spate of specialty grocers opening in the Jacksonville area, places like Sprouts, something that the owners of  cites as the reason they’ll be closing all three of their locations. opened the first Native Sun here in Jacksonville …

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#EatUpJax: Two Dudes Seafood Comes to Riverside, New Kosher Restaurant Downtown & Other Dining News

Fresh Jax, a local spice company, is selling one heck of a balanced maple bourbon barbecue rub, called Rosy Cheeks. Even if you aren’t barbecuing, you might love this mix on everything from chicken and ribs to beef and fish. You might even love it on popcorn or as a base for a dip. Ingredients include organic paprika, organic light brown sugar, organic cane juice, organic maple syrup, cherrywood smoked sea salt, organic onion, Himalayan pink salt, organic black peppercorn, organic garlic, organic chipotle, organic mesquite, organic flavors, organic spices, organic lemon zest. Besides their website freshjax.com, you can also …

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Tony Aiuppy, the Cultural Council of Greater Jacksonville, Florida, EU Jacksonville, #thonyaiuppy, #culturalcouncilofgreaterjacksonvlleflorida, #moreartculture, #eujacksonville, #eujax


10 Questions courtesy of our friends at the Cultural Council of Greater Jacksonville Thony Aiuppy is a practicing visual artist and an art educator. He is also a husband and father of three children.  He and his family live in the . Making Springfield home for he and his family was an intentional act after previously residing in both and . The diversity of the area appealed to Thony, as did the urban neighborhood’s history. In his blog Thony has said the following about Springfield: “This is the setting for which my journey starts in regards to the story of the work …

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