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The Elbow and EU Jacksonville present Amplified – Volume #2

“The mixed tape is a list of quotations, a poetic form in fact; the cento is a poem made up of lines pulled from other poems. The new poet collects and remixes.” – Matias Viegener in Thurston Moore’s “Mix Tape: The Art of Cassette Culture” Before embarking on the assembly of an anthology, the curator must consider the form and function of such a venture. What is it trying to say, and who is the audience? Will the music tell new stories to different people? The art of a good compilation isn’t revealed through genre, alphabetical or chronological arrangement. A …

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A New Direction for Jax Rocker Peter Mosely

Peter Mosely is used to the rowdy crowds and smoky bars of the pop punk scene. As bassist in the alt-rock band from 2002 – 2008, and more recently as lead vocalist, guitarist, and piano player for the indie rock group (their latest album, “Redefine” dropped last December), he’s performed for fans all over the country. But when he takes the stage at  on March 29, the audience can expect to hear something…different. “I’ve been told my original music has a jazzy, show tunes flavor to it,” he explains. He’s titled his show “The New American Songbook” as a throwback …

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Inspection 12 – Old Friends Make New Music

WHEN: Dec 27 WHO: Inspection 12 WHERE: Freebird Live INFO: www.jaxlive.com Inspection 12 is picking up right where they left off with old friends, new music and a renewed appreciation for their hometown. The Jacksonville punk band will release its first new record in 11 years next month, and they are proud to have come back to the place where it all started. Guitarist  says it was hard for the band to put itself out there again after such a long absence but that things just seemed to fall into place. “It’s kind of a big deal for us, but …

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