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What If Jacksonville Suddenly Woke Up?, Photo by Lance Asper

What If Jacksonville Suddenly Woke Up?

Some say Jacksonville is a diamond that wants to remain coal. What would it be like if Jacksonville were a city that didn’t hate itself… led by people who acknowledged its achievements? Here are a few things that possibly would have happened in New York, Rome, London Paris, Seattle, or San Francisco if the leaders that made them into Great Cities had been given our city and history. The Southern Music Hall of Fame would be open and full to capacity somewhere in downtown. , and The Allman Brothers would have exhibits there and all the music aficionados would know …

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River Life A Short History of the St. Johns People

    The St. Johns River provided a virtual cornucopia to its inhabitants for millennia. The rich bounty of the coastal riverine environment spawned a unique St. Johns culture. Before 500 BCE, residents had already established a basic lifeway from which the culture developed over the next thousand years. Fishing and shellfish-collecting supplied the bulk of their diet, supplemented by hunting and gathering. So reliable was the river’s reward that it supported permanent settlements long before the introduction of corn-based agriculture in the region. When St. Johns villages grew too large for adjacent resources to support, breakaway villages formed elsewhere …

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