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What If Jacksonville Suddenly Woke Up?, Photo by Lance Asper

What If Jacksonville Suddenly Woke Up?

Some say Jacksonville is a diamond that wants to remain coal. What would it be like if Jacksonville were a city that didn’t hate itself… led by people who acknowledged its achievements? Here are a few things that possibly would have happened in New York, Rome, London Paris, Seattle, or San Francisco if the leaders that made them into Great Cities had been given our city and history. The Southern Music Hall of Fame would be open and full to capacity somewhere in downtown. , and The Allman Brothers would have exhibits there and all the music aficionados would know …

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UNITY PLAZA UPDATE: UP Community Spotlight Series

has a major dog in the fight when it comes to shoring up our city’s collective understanding of what makes Jacksonville nationally important and truly amazing. It is my fervent belief a critical element maintaining our national lag behind has been our own non-understanding of our roots. Enter in the presented by and several other sponsoring organizations. On a bi-weekly rotation throughout the year, the MJ and UP teams, as well as professors and talent from , and , executive directors from our five county-area historic archives, and community spokespersons, will stand in the Unity Plaza Amphitheater and deliver our …

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Operation New Hope

NEIGHBORHOOD: Springfield – Cleaning up Hogans Creek

Taking a short walk along a nearby creek reveals what could be interpreted as an alarming statement about the value we place on our waterways. More than 75 tributaries that flow into in the lower portion of the  are impaired with fecal coliform bacteria, and many more with nutrients from lawn fertilizers and agriculture. Difficult issues plague urban core tributaries like , starting near  before running through the heart of historic Springfield and East Jacksonville until it meets the St. Johns River near the  building Downtown. Industrial contamination, coal ash, channelization and the loss of marsh and wetlands all combine …

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