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Cathedral Arts Project, The Art of Allowing: Tiffany Manning Teams Up with Daughter for New Exhibit

The Stories Within: Tiffany Manning Teams Up with Daughter for New Exhibit

“I’ve painted my whole life …. in my head. Four years ago, I decided I was tired of standing in my own way, I just wanted to paint; to make some marks and fall in love with them. From an inner joy perspective, these have been the best four years of my life.” – Jacksonville artist Tiffany Manning Tiffany Manning exudes an effervescent joy that is contagious. When viewing and experiencing her artwork, this sparkling energy she carries is evident in each color loaded brushstroke. She is joy, integrity, spontaneity, and freedom and these personality traits become ours as she …

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Alma Ramirez, Jacksonville Artist, Cathedral Art Project

By the Water: Alma Ramirez Shows in the Heather Moore Gallery in Downtown Jacksonville

“In rivers, the water that you touch is the last of what has passed and the first of that which comes; so with present time.” -Leonardo Da Vinci There is so much to be said about the present moment . This moment right now is already changing and moving; and everything that moves in turn moves something else. Da Vinci made a poignant observation that is valid for all ages. Water, just like time, is always in motion. No moment will ever be the same as another. No water molecule will ever be in the same place that it already …

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