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Joseph A. Strasser

Documentary Honoring a Generous Supporter: The Legacy of Joseph A. Strasser

For , life is a numbers game. The successful financier and philanthropist budgeted many years of his life to building a career in finance and public administration. He’s now the subject of a 13-minute documentary that details and preserves the legacy of an unusual life well-lived. Directed by Ana Paula Habib and Isaac Brown, “The Legacy of Joseph A. Strasser” recounts his story, beginning with his escape from the Holocaust and immigration to the United States as a small child. The film will be screened October 24 at the . The event will honor his life, surviving the hardship of …

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Making History: Ebb and Flow on the Northbank

The incorporated in 1859, two short years before the Civil War began and destroyed much of its nascent commercial district. Development was a long and slow process for the remainder of the century, often driven more by outside capital than the local sawmill and lumber trade. In 1868, local citizens successfully lobbied the to construct a school for black youth. Stanton Institute opened the following year. The Board of Trustees christened it “the best school building in the state.” At the same time, northern capitalists financed the construction of the , the fanciest of several downtown hotels catering to a …

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On The River: Raising a Ruckus for the St. Johns

  Every Saturday under the shade of the , the Riverside Arts Market brings thousands of people to our downtown waterfront for local produce, fresh food, artisan crafts, live music and entertainment. While the St. Johns River is a beautiful backdrop for all of these exciting weekend activities, the river itself is seldom used. The 200 ft. boat dock may get one or two visitors. The Water Taxi doesn’t stop here. Kayakers or swimmers aren’t usually seen passing by the waterfront amphitheater. Fishing isn’t allowed. The river isn’t as healthy as it could be. Algae blooms are so common now …

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