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Around and Near Jacksonville: Best Beaches on the First Coast, Mickler's Beach in Ponte Vedra, Sharks Teeth

Around and Near Jacksonville: The Best Beaches to Visit on the First Coast of Florida

The expression “Life’s a beach” looks at the bright side of things, putting a sunny spin on a phrase that when substituting its more vulgar counterpart means the exact opposite, or at the very least a female dog. “A day at the beach” also serves as a unit of measurement to describe a pleasurable situation, but in an idiomatic sense denotes less than desirable circumstances, as in ‘she was no day at the beach’. What does a day at the beach mean to you? For some, it’s as simple and stretching out on a towel or lounge chair, turning the …

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Full Moon Paddle

Paddling into the dusky night through the last rays of the sun offers two great advantages: watching the sunset over the water and participating in the vast darkness with only the moon’s reflection to guide you. The night offers new perspectives on familiar waterways, with the sounds of animals and birds filling the air, different from those heard during the day. Dolphins play during the last light of the day, while owls and night herons are just getting started. Moonlight paddles are the perfect fall adventure on the First Coast. You can take one of the moonlight tours offered by …

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