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Explore and Engage: Northeast Florida Public Art Week 2018

Public Art Week (PAW) is an annual, week-long initiative that celebrates Jacksonville’s public art and highlights the benefits that are created when investments are made in art that is accessible by all.  It is led by the to encourage residents and visitors to explore and engage with works of art that comprise Jacksonville’s rapidly developing artistic and creative landscape.  In addition to advancing the community’s awareness of and engagement with the City of Jacksonville’s official public art collection, PAW also showcases public art initiatives led by private entities and individuals. PAW supports the Cultural Council’s role of ensuring broad accessibility …

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On The River: Getting Litter Out Of Our River

BY SHANNON BLANKINSHIP – Outreach Director, St. Johns Riverkeeper Few waterways are spared from the seemingly endless supply of plastics and litter that dumps directly from storm drain outfalls. In northeast Florida, it is hard to find a creek or park free of these foreign invaders. Getting litter out of our river is a tough job, and few barriers exist to keep it out in the first place. However, growing accustomed to seeing plastics in our backyard creeks and streams hurts all of us, and putting an end to our litter problem should be something we all strive to do. …

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A Visit to Mixon Studios

likes to bring together disparate and incongruous objects and see what beautiful accidents emerge. In his studio, you’ll find bronze breasts, a scale model of the Sears Tower, chicken wire, and old glass. He loves to pick his way through scrapyards. Edelson’s latest artwork may be his biggest yet. It juxtaposes a former industrial detergent plant, the infamously polluted , and fine art. He calls it . Mixon Studios takes its name from Mixon Town, which Google Maps calls this Industrial Gothic district north of and I-10, though the City of Jacksonville collectively calls several neighborhoods including Mixon Town, Honeymoon, …

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Operation New Hope

NEIGHBORHOOD: Springfield – Cleaning up Hogans Creek

Taking a short walk along a nearby creek reveals what could be interpreted as an alarming statement about the value we place on our waterways. More than 75 tributaries that flow into in the lower portion of the  are impaired with fecal coliform bacteria, and many more with nutrients from lawn fertilizers and agriculture. Difficult issues plague urban core tributaries like , starting near  before running through the heart of historic Springfield and East Jacksonville until it meets the St. Johns River near the  building Downtown. Industrial contamination, coal ash, channelization and the loss of marsh and wetlands all combine …

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