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Smokin’! Tobacco Road at the 28th annual Great Atlantic Country Festival

For reasons that defy geography, there are two distinct camps when it comes to describing Florida culture: those who consider it the south and those who don’t.  “It’s definitely southern. Where I live, especially. If you go 20 minutes in any direction, you’re in the boonies,” says Tallahassee-bred singer and songwriter Eric Durrance. “The Panhandle in general, you can’t get more southern than that. Hunting, fishing, and cows and horses and tractors, everything. You go north, south, east, or west here and you’re in the country.” Durrance and his band Tobacco Road will perform at the 28th annual June 17 at …

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Red Roots – Triple Treat at Great Atlantic Country Fest

 “With a stage persona as fiery as their blazing red locks, these triplets engage the crowd with their story through real life lyrics and rolling banjos intertwined with rocking guitars. Through their unwavering boldness there is a Southern Mississippi charm rooted in faith, family, and an unshakable call to show the world where true Hope is found.” The Taylor triplets – Nicole, Natalie and Nika – will make you do a triple take as beautiful and talented women with fiery red hair. But give them a listen, and they will capture your heart with their striking harmonies and incredible musicianship. …

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